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Ultrasound bill passes in Virginia

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Captain Sakk, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. TorontoAtHome

    SFN Staff

    What the fuck?....please point to any information to back that claim up...abortion doctors WANT to abort late term?...

    I never said a woman would want to abort late term...I said doctors were lying to woman so that it would be too late for them to get an abortion...
  2. VacateTheWord Full Member

    Actually the majority of Americans are against abortion, so that would be you chasing down the train, junior.
  3. HanzoTheRazor Full Member

    deflection noted, dr. vacate :jj:
  4. AlGreenDogg

    AlGreenDogg Suicide by Mod

    Answer the question that I first asked you, then I will answer you. That is how communication works.

    You initially said "She said they will flat out lie to you and tell you that you are not pregnant so that you can't abort later when it would be late term..."

    I then asked you why would a woman (or even a man for that matter) want to "abort later when it would be late term"?

    Why does it even matter that a woman can't abort the child? She shouldn't be aborting it.

    The word to pay attention to here is "can't". It is good that she can't abort the child.

    Do you object to the fact that a woman can't get an abortion in the late-term?
  5. AlGreenDogg

    AlGreenDogg Suicide by Mod

    Perhaps it is you who misses the point that all of those people on the train are on their way to a Death Camp. The man chasing it down is damn lucky not to have been confused as a someone who was to be on the train.

    Each passenger is like a Liberal who thinks that he is on his or her way to a vacation in the Caribbean.... but Mengele awaits each of them.

    The man who was late to the station was likely tardy due to having to stop in at his local polling place in order to vote to make Partial Birth Abortion a
    Class-A felony.
  6. TorontoAtHome

    SFN Staff

    They wouldn't want to do that nor would they be able to do that...that was the point...The doctors are LYING to people to force them to have babies based on the DOCTORS beliefs.

    I object to doctors/governments/republicans forcing their beliefs on others.

    As an add on...don't be a condescending prick with the "that's how communications works" shit...
    Howard Stearn likes this.
  7. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    T@H replying to AlGreenTardd makes me believe that Al isn't a mult.

    But either way, I hope this ends in a deading...

  8. TorontoAtHome

    SFN Staff

    I really don't keep track of who's I supposed to know who this guy is?
  9. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    If you don't know now, you'll get a pretty good handle in not that much time...
  10. TorontoAtHome

    SFN Staff

    Seems a bit like Vacate...or maybe Smith...not sure..This is the first time I have interacted with him...
  11. NC-Stern-Mark Full Member

    You post here enough, you should know who is who, what kind of mod are you?
    blargy likes this.
  12. TorontoAtHome

    SFN Staff

    That would require me to pay attention to thousands of posts in order to determine who is who by their posting styles. There are some who are obvious and many that are not.

    Oh...and fuck off.
    blargy likes this.
  13. Pep

    Pep Closed by User

    AlGreenDogg read the last and peed his pants.
  14. NC-Stern-Mark Full Member

    Nigga paleeeze, you've been posting in this forum for ___YEARS___

    How can you NOT know who is who? I am insulted!

  15. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    Fair enough... you'll soon see that you're logically interacting with a complete whacko whose misguided beliefs know no logic.
  16. Pep

    Pep Closed by User

    On some topic AlGreenDogg had a thing against autism and asp. Maybe he be the one having asp-attacks?
  17. TorontoAtHome

    SFN Staff

    I seriously have no clue who he is and his name looks brand new to me...I can't think of one instance where I have seen him before this.

    Hoochie freaked out like that years ago when I told him I had no idea who HE was...he started in about how he was a BIG DEAL....I had no clue who he was...
  18. AlGreenDogg

    AlGreenDogg Suicide by Mod

    By using the word "can't", you made it sound as if the woman wished for something but was denied.

    Apparently, there are many people who do want an abortion even though they are 6 months in.

    They are allowed to by Liberal law since that is what abortion is..... the pulling out of the baby while it is still alive and then the killing of it with scissors to the back of the head after it is out of the woman's body. Is that not murder? The baby is sometimes breathing air before it is killed.

    Let me get this straight...... a woman gets pregnant after having sex [outside of marriage, which she isn't supposed to do] and then is forced by the doctor to have the baby? She got herself into the situation. The doctor did not put the baby there.....therefore he is not forcing her to carry it to term

    How are the doctors lying? What exactly is the lie?

    Where do beliefs fit into this? You don't have to be a Christian or a Catholic in order to see that abortion is wrong.
    If that is how you take my comment about communication, then there is nothing I can do.
    Consider that I was only responding to you in kind.

    If you object to doctors 'forcing their beliefs on others', then shouldn't you object to abortion doctors who place their belief in abortion upon women? Couldn't those abortion doctors tell women not to have an abortion since it is in fact murder?

    Who is the one who is lying? I tend to think it is the one who covers up the murder.
  19. AlGreenDogg

    AlGreenDogg Suicide by Mod

    I don't see how one can be 'against' something that a child may suffer from. Are you not against Asp.? Should we all be for it?

    Let me ask you... would you make a baby with Jenny McCarthy? If so, then you are a better man than I. Glad to see that you want to populate the planet with Autistic Democrats.

    P.S. Someone with Asp. would not read into my innocuous post as you have. I suppose your condition is more due to a lack of Jesus in your life.
  20. Pep

    Pep Closed by User

    You innocent? You're like a Jim Jones jr on SFN. Face it you're just a man who would see reasons to fuck a woman in the ass and cum on it, a man who would go to great lengths to spill his semen. No one's the better man.
  21. Pep

    Pep Closed by User

    She got her into the situation and praise the Lord, she can get herself out of it with abortion.
  22. TorontoAtHome

    SFN Staff

    I see what they are talking about are just another trolling douchebag...

    "Let me get this straight...... a woman gets pregnant after having sex [outside of marriage, which she isn't supposed to do] and then is forced by the doctor to have the baby? She got herself into the situation. The doctor did not put the baby there.....therefore he is not forcing her to carry it to term"(he is forcing her by lying to her)

    You are totally full of shit.
  23. diggitydank1968 Full Member

    This troll is not worth feeding. Sometimes the mentally ill are not entertaining.......
  24. Pep

    Pep Closed by User

    Time for AlGreenDogg to read the rules.
  25. AlGreenDogg

    AlGreenDogg Suicide by Mod

    What does innocence have to do with anything? I am not a Jew, so I therefore suppose I am indeed innocent.

    Yes, I would see reasons to pleasure a woman in her ass. 'Fuck' is your word though. Keep it real. You are the vulgar one here.

    I clearly stated that only a Jew would spill his seed. Since I am not a Jew, I therefore do not spill my seed at any length.

    Do you fully understand what I mean when I say that a Jew is unable to keep from spilling his seed? His Jewish-mutilation causes the penis to spill the seed, whereas a non-Jew would not have a problem with the seed spilling. That rule was for the Canaanites... and later for the Jews. The lesson is to not practice rituals.

    Are you a man? Are you saying that you would not put the head of your dick in a woman's butt even though she is begging for it?

    If you are a woman, would you deny your husband what is his within the sacred marriage?

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