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[video] Artie Lange on "taste makers"

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Cap420, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Cap420 Full Member

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  2. Gindaloonatic Full Member

    "This is delicious, but it needs seasoning...pass me my pepper mill full of heroin."
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  3. Sausagemonkey1 Full Member

    Artie is desperate. We should see him at WalMart as a greeter soon.
  4. docPA Full Member

    Great for Artie; he just lovessss to eat
  5. Erleichda Full Member

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  6. Artie' Pancreas Full Member

    That bald spot is getting huge... Looks as if he just rolled out of bed
  7. RightBastard

    RightBastard SFN Gold Supporter

    Good to see Artie.
  8. Eric The Liar Full Member

    "Hey Taste Makers (cough), got some more ammo for ya..."
  9. Mister Patel

    Mister Patel Closed by User

    "I left the Stern show in a way that no one should leave anything. I was strung out and in bad shape. They finally told me I had to leave and get better, which they were right about."

    So he was fired, or suspended, before he stabbed himself? Has this been explicitly confirmed by anyone connected with the show before this?
  10. Erleichda Full Member

    Yes. Management told him the same thing the year before (and I think even the year before that) - "You're high at work, it's not funny, you're scaring people, get help and come back to work when you're ready". Remember the Colin Quinn intervention story? The "rehab" clinic he went to in Florida? The colonics at the fat farm?

    Artie would spin out of control as the holidays approached every year, and they would tell him to get help before he came back after the break. It was said he was in treatment a couple weeks before his fake suicide-attempt, but as usual he said fuck it and left. Artie's gonna do what Artie's gonna do...

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