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What a Bitch....Stepmom rapes son.

Discussion in 'Old Chat' started by don fredo, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. don fredo

    don fredo SFN Gold Supporter

    Stepmom held for rape
    18/07/2005 11:15 - (SA)

    Zenzele Kuhlase

    White River - A woman has been accused of being a bully and a drunk who repeatedly forced her stepson to have sex with her, causing him to lose weight and become reclusive.

    She is accused of beating her husband when he raised concern, and also chasing away her stepson's girlfriends until they stopped coming around.

    "She's not only violent at home. We had to call in extra help to help move her to another police station because she became aggressive," said spokesperson for Masoyi police station near Hazyview, Inspector Zamani Ndlovu.

    The 43-year-old woman was moved to the Hazyview police station as Masoyi does not have holding cells.

    She was arrested last Wednesday when concerned neighbours took the young man to Masoyi police station.

    "The community really felt bad for him because he had lost a lot of weight and become very shy and embarrassed," he said.

    The young man is now 21 but is still at school, in Grade 11, after failing in 2001 and 2002.

    He told police that this stepmother started raping him in 2000, when he was 17.

    He said his father even took him to their old home in the Eastern Cape for two years, but when he returned in 2005, the assault began again.

    "He said she'd refuse to feed him if tried to avoid having sex when his father was on nightshift," said Ndlovu.

    The man's father has also given a statement to police, confirming that he was aware of the abuse.

    The woman appeared in the KaBokweni magistrate's court near White River on Friday and was not asked to plead on several charges of indecent assault.

    She's being kept in custody and will appear again on Tuesday for a formal bail application.

    Her stepson is receiving counselling at a local clinic.,,2-7-1442_1739275,00.html
  2. thapie Full Member

    what are the chances of her finding a prison bitch?
  3. duke_nemmerle Full Member

    She sounds like a rough broad, or more likely Dad and Son were pussies.
  4. don fredo

    don fredo SFN Gold Supporter

    she made him lose weight.....its funny, but fucked up.
  5. artgod33 Full Member

    Was she hot? :D
  6. DaCleat Full Member

    I was about ready to say that, Artgod.
  7. Bob Thorney Full Member

    Well it's in South Africa, so what do you expect. ;) :p
  8. duke_nemmerle Full Member

    Re: Re: What a Bitch....Stepmom rapes son.

    Are you a geography genius? I was wondering where the hell it was with all those names and shit.
  9. DaCleat Full Member

    I expect "Baka baka du daka. Click clack clickity clack clicky clicky clack clack, give the dog a bone."
  10. umsc3043 Full Member

    Give me a break!!!! She started raping him when he was 17?!??!?!?!? Either he's the biggest pussy in the world or he wanted a piece of pussy.
  11. don fredo

    don fredo SFN Gold Supporter

    The young man is now 21 but is still at school, in Grade 11, after failing in 2001 and 2002.

    another awesome fact....
  12. duke_nemmerle Full Member

    Now THAT's a good deal. I'd be banging every 16 year old in sight
  13. jokeland Full Member

    He'd actually be considered advanced in some of the inner city public schools.
  14. Bob Thorney Full Member

    Re: Re: Re: What a Bitch....Stepmom rapes son.

    No, I'm not a geography genius. I just clicked on the link to the story and it said "South Africa: News". ;)
  15. Bob Thorney Full Member

    Meanwhile back in California, a 17-year-old boy tried to rape and kill his 60-year-old stepmother.

    Posted on Sat, Jul. 02, 2005

    Los Osos boy tried to rape, kill stepmom, deputies say

    The 17-year-old, who said he was on drugs, apparently is stabbed in the back by relatives trying to stop him
    By Leslie Griffy
    The Tribune

    Sheriff's deputies say a 17-year-old Los Osos boy attempted to rape and kill his 60-year-old stepmother early Friday but was stopped by family members who stabbed him in the back.

    The boy was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, attempted rape and assault with a deadly weapon after being treated at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center for his injury. He has not yet been charged, but prosecutors could seek to try him as an adult.

    Deputies are not releasing his name. The Tribune has learned the family's name but has chosen not to print it to protect the woman's identity.

    The boy told authorities that he spent the night high on methamphetamine and watching pornographic movies on his computer. He woke his sleeping stepmother about 4:30 a.m. and took her to another room where he attacked her, detective Scott Odom said.

    The woman fought back, and the resulting disturbance awakened her husband and the boy's 16-year-old sister, Odom said.

    The father and sister struggled with him from room to room as the ensuing fight wound throughout the house, deputies said.

    Ultimately, a family member stabbed the boy in the back with a kitchen knife in self-defense, according to law enforcement officials.

    Deputies say the ruckus led many neighbors on the quiet street tucked close to the Elfin Forest to call 911.

    The boy may have also attacked neighbors who ran to help, Odom said.

    The woman suffered multiple fractures to her face and head, Sgt. Rick Neufeld said. Hospital officials could not release information about her condition, but deputies said she was still hospitalized Friday evening.

    "She was beat up pretty bad," Neufeld said.

    The father was treated at the scene for minor injuries suffered during the struggle.

    Neufeld said deputies were still checking to see if the boy has prior arrests.

    The District Attorney's Office has until Tuesday to charge the boy, Neufeld said
  16. mrchappelow

    mrchappelow SFN Supporter

    Re: Re: Re: Re: What a Bitch....Stepmom rapes son.

    Man. I thought you were a genius. Damn you :ranting:
  17. bdbx18 Full Member

    I've always have this question which I now deem suitable to be asked in SFN. The boy needs to have a woody in order to have sex and since that's evidently the case, how's that a rape when he's has an woody?? That said, chances are good that I'll get a woody if a dog licks my dick while I'm asleep. Should the dog be put to sleep or should I blame myself for thinking of Beth O when that was happening??
  18. Lift_Gate Full Member

    I can not think of a better cinemax movie....Perhaps staring Mimi Rogers....HOT

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