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What do you think Elegant Elliot Offen is doing right now?

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Wigg, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Wigg

    Wigg Closed by User

    I laugh at pathetic fuckin' idiots like you. Not fit to lick the dog shit from my boots.
  2. okra winfrey

    okra winfrey SFN Gold Supporter

    Wow. I forgot how glamorous EEO is.
    I'm sure he's doing something very hetero these days.
  3. Wigg

    Wigg Closed by User

    Offen has all of New York in a stand-still.
  4. Cap420 Full Member

    Chasing Violit around the streets of NYC, in heels, with a butcher knife
  5. V00 D00 Full Member

    Beating people up at the Stage Deli.
  6. BlackMambo Probationary Member

    A great guest, a fascinating bit of entertainment. The golden age of Stern. What's he doing now? Who cares?
  7. Vlazz Full Member

    Elliot needs to come back on the show.
  8. DrQ

    DrQ SFN Gold Supporter

  9. MeIsland Full Member

    rather hear eeo than etm.
  10. huntthewampus Full Member

    "Pre-paid in advance."
  11. Baghdad Booey Full Member

    I dont know why isnt he on the show anymore?
  12. Bababooey1023 Full Member

    Boots tweeted a letter Elliott wrote to the judge hearing a case he is involved in and it's great. Elliott writes just like he talks. Somebody grab the link off Boots twitter because I'm probationary and cannot post links yet.
  13. Wigg

    Wigg Closed by User

    It's obvious to everyone that you like to project. Nice life.

    With your "OMG-I-SWEAR-I'M-NOT-GAY-LOOK-SHE'S-SUGGESTIVELY-EATING-AN-ICE-POP" avatar. Get outta here ya fuckin' pathetic loser. Get a life.

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