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What happened with Bob Levy and Clear Channel/PYX 106

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by burr, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. burr Full Member

    Clear Channel is a bunch of scum bags and Bob was very naive in the way he did business with them.

    Waking up with the Wolf is the morning show at WPYX in Albany. One of the sidekicks on the show was a guy named Eddie Clark. Clark got fired, and after a short tryout WPYX approached Bob to take his spot. The catch was that until they paid off the rest of Eddie Clark's contract, they would pay Bob a minimal amount. Bob described the amount as enough to pay his monthly child support. Once Clark's contract was paid off, they would sign Bob on a permanent basis.

    Bob worked two months commuting back to Jersey on the weekends. A month ago he and his wife moved to Albany. After cancelling 3 or 4 meetings to discuss the contract, the WPYX program director (who is also the midday guy) pulled Bob into a meeting after Monday's show. He told Bob that there was no money for his position, they would not be giving him a contract, not to come in on Tuesday, and had him escorted from the building.

    Radio is a sleazy business, but it doesn't get much sleazier than this. Station management had to know a month ago that they couldn't pay Bob, but they said nothing and let him move. Bob's wife had a good job that she left. At least Bob didn't sell his house in Jersey and is renting in Albany.

    Bob has to take his share of the responsibility. To take this job without a firm contract was incredibly foolish. Now he's in Albany, 4 hours from his son, his wife gave up her good job, and Clear Channel told him to get fucked.

    Bob takes a lot of shit on SFN (I'm sure there's more coming in this thread), but he's a good guy and it's too bad he got fucked over like this.
  2. Erleichda Full Member

    Nice post, thanks burr...
  3. Rake Full Member

    I never really found him hysterical but he does seem to be a decent guy. Definitely trusts the wrong people and doesn't know when to kiss ass. Sucks he got fired from a sleazy radio station. But radio is a very sleazy business, the worst raise to the top and the honest sink to the bottom.
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  4. Artiesmanboob Full Member

    It's Howard's fault
  5. djenkin8 Full Member

    I agree its Howard's fault.After all it was him that made Bob do bad radio to the point the company didn't want him after a few months. It was Howard's fault for giving Levy a job that he couldn't get fired from and Bob decided to quit anyway.
  6. bdk2006 Full Member

    I don't find Bob funny but that sucks.
  7. k9feces Full Member

    He sucked on the show, "wolf" probably wanted him gone
  8. ShutupMoron

    ShutupMoron SFN Supporter

    If he didn't sell his house in NJ why didn't he just a rent a shitty studio apt. in Albany and go home on weekends? That way his wife could have kept her job in NJ until his contract came through. There must be more to this story.
  9. sfgirl

    sfgirl SFN Gold Supporter

    Too bad. I like Bob. That's the nature of business I'm afraid.
  10. JerzeyMike

    JerzeyMike Closed by User

    A few years ago I made a promise to Christine that I'd stop shitting on Bob here. I've been true to my word.
    But any person who quits their job in this economy has to be out of their fucking mind!
    I mean I knew she was a little off for marrying Bob, but to trust him to pay the bills is ridiculous.

  11. ShutupMoron

    ShutupMoron SFN Supporter

    Levy has a way of spinning stories. If you call him out on it he just says his BS is a bit and you're all a bunch of dummies. Like I said there must be more to it than this "oops, sorry we have no money" bye stuff. I feel sorry for his poor wife.
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  12. Quibbins Full Member

    Bob got knocked the fuck out. Again.
  13. windfall80 Full Member

    If the story is true it sounds like he can sue under Promissory Estoppel. If it's a big lie, he likely won't sue and will just pretend he got screwed.
  14. koho Full Member

    What a fucked up deal. To allow a guy to move for a job with your company and a month later fire him is a sleazy thing to do. Bob's a talented guy, he can always do stand up and hopefully get another radio gig.
  15. koho Full Member

    I don't think this will happen. Bob thinks that Promissory Estoppel is a Nigerian born power forward that was drafted by the Knicks.
  16. Artie'sLiver

    Artie'sLiver VIP: Worlds Greatest ETM Expert

  17. devil baby Full Member

    too bad i like bob
  18. DWTS Blows

    DWTS Blows Got The Gay

    Is this surprising behavior from Levy? He can't fucking read. If the story is true, the radio station acted like dickheads, but how is a man Bob's age functionally illiterate?
  19. koho Full Member

    I think you're taking Howard's "Bob Levy can't pronounce words" bits way too seriously.
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  20. adam

    adam SFN Gold Supporter

    Bob's wife is no dummy and there must be more to this. I can't imagine she left her job based on so little, i.e., without a written, signed contract. Bob isn't naive either. Has Bob spoken or written about this publicly somewhere? Link?
  21. KingOfAllWhites

    KingOfAllWhites SFN Gold Supporter

    I do not like the way Levy left the show, not at all. He did get royally fucked but at the end of the day, he needs to look in the mirror. Why the fuck did he put all his eggs in clear channels basket

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