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What is with Celebrities and not paying taxes???

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Retarded Flu, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Retarded Flu

    Retarded Flu Closed by User

    Westley Snipes, Chris Tucker, Christie Brinkley, Pamela Anderson, Sinbad, Marc Anthony, Nicolas Cage, Martha Stewart, Lindsay Lohan, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Khloe Kardashian, Jamie Pressly, Ja Rule, Martin Scorcese, Burt Reynolds, Willie Nelson, Daryl Strawberry, Dionne Warwick... just to name a few.

    And many more celebrities have all been hit with tax liens recently for not paying taxes... and we ain't talking pocket change folks, we're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars each, and some even millions of dollars.

    WTF is up with these generally VERY LIBERAL-minded deadbeats? Too good to pay taxes on the bazillions they rake in? Blows my mind.
  2. spankysxxx

    spankysxxx SFN Gold Supporter

    Having had a mere brush with a few celebrities I can say that it would be pretty easy for them to not pay taxes or better said, miss paying taxes. Aside from the kooks that decide to completely abstain from paying taxes because some moronic guru told them to, many celebrities have MULTIPLE revenue streams. Beyond the normal income from film/tv they can receive income from partnerships, appearances, endorsements, you name it. One 1099 misplaced from what could be stacks of them can result in fines and penalties and hollywood headlines of being a tax deadbeat. Anything over $600 (unless it changed) has to be reported. The IRS is tipped off when someone declares on their taxes that they paid you over $600 and if it doesn't show on your income taxes, pow, you're assessed with fines and penalties.

    Liberal minded? Yes. Disorganized and not paying attention? Yes. Deadbeats? Probably not.
  3. Retarded Flu

    Retarded Flu Closed by User

    Having been in the film and television industry for over 15 years I can tell you celebrities almost always have professional Accountants, Agents, and Business Managers that they pay to watch and manage their finances. "Miss paying taxes" is an excuse. Not a valid reason for personal responsibility and negligence. ;)

    So how about we all use the "miss paying taxes excuse" and download the responsibility on our stupid accountants. :D

    That is why my signature reads as it does.
  4. Timmy Full Member

    There's an attitude wh everyone that cheating on taxes is a good thing. Nothing to be ashamed of.

    Plus the IRS is big on targeting celebs . They want the press coverage.
  5. Retarded Flu

    Retarded Flu Closed by User

    So lemme get this straight now. spankysxxx says the celebrities have so many revenue streams it's obvious that million dollar mistakes can be made. And you are saying the IRS is just a big meany targeting celebrities for publicity. You two make me giggle. :)

    Are you not responsible for paying your taxes? Personally responsible? I believe that is what the law says. So let's stop absolving celebrities from their responsibilities under the law, and ask if they can take the fucking money why do so many of them seem to "FORGET" to pay the taxes on that money. ;)

    Howard has many millions, many revenue streams coming in, (books, residuals, production companies, Sirius, AGT...) yet somehow he never ever had a tax lien against him. I wonder how he does it? (Pay his taxes.) He must be a fucking superman! :D
  6. zimmie Full Member

    poor celebrities, just too busy to pay their taxes....and they're so complicated...:rolleyes:. they sound like victims.....these are the same idiots (above) that get the vapors that Romney and every other swinging dick is paying the lawful percentage of taxes they owe....why is it that so many liberals don't pay their taxes.....?
  7. Retarded Flu

    Retarded Flu Closed by User

    The funny part is when politicians don't pay their taxes people virtually line up to lambaste them. When a celebrity does the same thing... everyone else is responsible. :D
  8. spankysxxx

    spankysxxx SFN Gold Supporter

    Dude, you're high. It's definitely NOT O.K. to not pay your taxes. Small errors over time can result in HUGE fines. The story I always tell is that I made a $20 error that turned into a $2,000 fine. If you earn income you MUST follow the rules and pay your taxes. Celebrities shouldn't get a break and need to pay any taxes that they are supposed to. My only point, which was obviously lost on you, was that from an organizational standpoint it can get a bit crazy. When you're faced with a STACK of K-1's and 1099's there's always the potential for something to miss and for things to get reported pretty extravagantly in the press. I've also seen lost checks as well. One other problem I've seen is when an individual or company pays someone over the $600 amount and deducts that from their taxes and then doesn't provide a 1099 to the payee then the payee has nothing to submit to the IRS. The IRS can the deduction on the Payor's income tax form but it doesn't show up on the payee's balance sheet. Checks show up all year long and are quickly trundled off to the bank whereas 1099's show up in January (if you're lucky).

    There's also two tactics that people use when they get a note from the IRS. The first one is to pay any fine the IRS throws at them from the first letter sent and then file forms to show how you maybe didn't owe that money and then the IRS issues a refund. The other tactic is to say, essentially, fuck-it I don't owe this the IRS has to prove this to me. I used to get notes from the State board and IRS quite regularly in the 90's but I've stepped it up with getting a different accountant and now I don't hear from them...knock on wood. A lien can be $1 or $1,000,000+ and I imagine the higher the lien the harder it is to come with cash for it right away. There's a ton of stories, albeit boring, where notable people get levied tax liens that they can't come up with cash for right away.
  9. Retarded Flu

    Retarded Flu Closed by User

    And I agree with you 100%. So why do so many celebrities get caught not doing it? If they can take the money why don't they make sure they pay the taxes on it. It is their personal responsibility.
  10. spankysxxx

    spankysxxx SFN Gold Supporter

    One story I just remembered was someone I knew who did voice-over work for Toyota. For that, he received an income plus his choice of a vehicle to drive with what amounted to a "free" lease. He paid his income tax on the checks he received but didn't know that the "free" lease had to be treated as income. His bookkeeper didn't see any paperwork of the such nor did his accountant. This went on for a few years until the amount got high enough that the IRS took action based on Toyota's records. They came at him for a whopping amount. He couldn't pay it right away and should he have been a noteworthy actor it would have made the news. He's not. He worked out a deal to pay it off in installments. The IRS generally doesn't pounce on someone until the figure get's into 6-digits.
  11. walygatr Full Member

    That's what accountants are for. If a celebrity gets a check and doesn't report it to their accountant, fuck em. What this is really about is people who live larger than their accounts receivable.
    spankysxxx likes this.
  12. spankysxxx

    spankysxxx SFN Gold Supporter

    It's actually a very interesting topic and high earning celebrities are thick into earning money from all over the globe so reporting can be tricky-most of anything I've seen like that the big earner's set taxes aside when any check get's deposited and they may overpay initially into the tax system to later receive or pass forward a return. Nobody wants to flag an audit. Unless of course you're a stupid celebrity and I won't name names (Wesley Snipes) and decide that you're smarter than everyone and that taxes are really just a voluntary action. Ugh.
  13. spankysxxx

    spankysxxx SFN Gold Supporter

    And I have to say, looking at that list, half those people are in decline with their income whereas their lifestyles stayed phat and they just spend spend spend probably going against their accountants suggestions not to. Nic Cage anyone?
  14. BillyfrSPhilly Full Member

    Maybe if you didn't spend so much time stalking children like Blargy, you would know how easy it is for an accountant to make a mistake.

  15. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    No competent account should make a mistake like not reporting income if you give him all of the info from where it came.
  16. BillyfrSPhilly Full Member

    Well they do and that's the way it is stupid !
  17. zimmie Full Member

    they're incompetent then my lil tard....
  18. BillyfrSPhilly Full Member

    Looking for a child CPA ??? PEDOPHILE !
  19. zimmie Full Member

  20. BillyfrSPhilly Full Member

    So by your reasoning , anyone who makes a mistake is incompetent ! Tell us again about your service in Nam with the Rump Rangers !
  21. Retarded Flu

    Retarded Flu Closed by User

    Exactly. If someone gives you a free Toyota to drive it's a taxable benefit. Even personal use of a company car is usually a taxable benefit. That's not rocket science or a state secret. ;) Since his book-keeper or accountant didn't know that Toyota gave him a free car.. they didn't factor it in. If they *did* know, then they ripped off the government knowingly. Cuz when someone gives you a free Toyota to drive (leased or not) book-keepers and accountants know it's a taxable benefit.

    Most of the celebrities I have mentioned have MANY LEVELS of checks and balances. An Agent, (collects and negotiates the $$$), Business Manager, (manages the $$$), and Accountant (reports the $$$)... yet so many celebrities seem to still fuck it all up. It's very curious to me.
  22. walygatr Full Member

    If my accountant made a mistake on my taxes that wasn't my fault, then I would owe nothing.
  23. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    You sign the return therefore you are responsible. If you don't understand something then it is on you to ask questions.
  24. zimmie Full Member

    I really doubt if Billwie has ever paid taxes...who'd pay him for anything?
  25. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    There is no way Billy isn't on the government dole in some form or another.

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