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What the eff is up with Joaquin Phoenix's lip?

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Smell Muhfinger, May 29, 2009.

  1. Yucko Ono Full Member

    I heard you get that from wondering what it's like to give yourself an enema but always chickening out.:nuts:
  2. JeffJ Full Member

    I think they only share one parent, so evidently Joaquin got the ugly one/genes.

    And that's a hair lip if I ever saw one... none of that being born w/ a scar shit.
  3. JeffJ Full Member

    Nice eyes though.
  4. NakedCritic UnDead

    Really? That's a pretty bold statement. His performances in "Walk The Line" and "Gladiator" were really solid - and I don't even LIKE the movie Gladiator. And that movie was a direct-to-DVD, wasn't it?

    I'm not saying you're wrong - I haven't seen it - but if you think it's that strong I'll rent it tonight.

    - oh, and if his brother was still alive, he'd have won at least one oscar by now.
  5. NakedCritic UnDead took the whole "born with a scar" thing seriously, didja?

  6. Dop Zhelf Ligga Full Member

    Now that is a fucked up tale. WTF you can't be born with a scar. He really is nuts!
  7. JeffJ Full Member

    I just read it in this thread: I have no idea if it was intended to be serious or just another attention whoring lie from a weirdo hair lipped havin actor.
    Just thought I'd set the record straight for anyone who actually believed him.

    There are people who believe other peoples lies.
  8. JeffJ Full Member

    Naked critic thinks you're an idiot. :mad:
  9. PeanutButter11 Full Member

    The way you worded it almost sounded like you were saying Gladiator was direct-to-DVD :weird: :cheesy:
  10. schmoopy72

    schmoopy72 SFN Gold Supporter

    What lips??? Those are the smallest lips that I've ever seen on a person who's face wasn't ripped off by a monkey in Connecticut!!!
  11. Blackened Full Member

    that's what the beard is for

  12. Blackened Full Member

    What wacky behavior?

    Billy Bob Thornton
  13. janetea Full Member

    When will he stop thinking he's Johnny Cash?
    It's over.
  14. monkeyshine Full Member

    no fucking chance.

  15. Smell Muhfinger Full Member

    I'm waiting for his documentary about how he has fucked with teh media, regarding his strange rap master behavior lately. :btu:

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