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Discussion in 'Old Chat' started by pooks, Oct 19, 2000.

  1. pooks Probationary Member

    Does anyone have a photo of Ralph scanned that i can see? He annoys the hell out of me when he calls and he is sooo cocky that I assume he must be a real looker---tho the descriptions from the Stern camp make him sound pretty gross. Which is it--nice or gross????
  2. Believe me, you don't want to know! He's a hideous beast! Ugh! Ugly! Crappy die job (the last time I saw him), tall, skinny, tried to look like Howard with the sunglasses. I hate him!!!!!!!
  3. jane Guest

    He's not half as ugly as crackhead Bob or Bababooey, it's his personality that is ugly.
  4. True Jane, very true about his personality. I hate to watch him evaluate women and tear them up when he's nothing to look at himself. Boy was I happy and laughed so hard when after the Playboy people took one look at his picture they decided to not let him in the mansion!!
  5. jane Guest

    Yes, I have to admit, that was fabulous! If Ralph isn't gay, then he's first on the waiting list. btw, since you think the av thing is 'silly', and I don't, I'll take back the lips for the time being. Thanks.
  6. Please, after all the mess I caused, take it back. I was gonna do Wilma first considering my family name is Pebbles (yes, like in Flintstone!) but those lips...and yes, they are full! Go ahead, have fun with them!!! And Ralph, YOU SUCK!!!!!
  7. Jane, there's a message for you in the members forum...
  8. summmer Full Member

    Ok, this is probably the equivalent of a guy saying he loves Nicole Bass but.... Ralph's got something about him that I like.

    Then again, when you look at my track history with guys, it's only normal that I'd be attracted to the unemployed, money-grubbing, know it all Loser.
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  9. pooks Probationary Member

    So no one has a photo of Ralph??? It's killing me--what does the annoying cocky bastard look like??????
  10. drbigcock

    drbigcock Closed by User

    I could scan Ralph's pic from Miss America or Dan Wagner's book but what's in it for me?
  11. drbigcock

    drbigcock Closed by User

    Ok pooks I am in the giving mood this morning. Check out the photo album honey.
    Nice or gross? We report you decide.
  12. pooks Probationary Member

  13. Whazzap! Full Member

    Woah, honey! You might just want to be a little careful about offering the good doctor a wide open raincheck. I don't think you know what you're getting yourself into!
  14. drbigcock

    drbigcock Closed by User

    Did someone say WIDE OPEN?
  15. jane Guest

    She may be in for a RUDE awakening, eh?
  16. Casey-Stern Full Member

    Pooks, how come you've never seen Ralph before? E! Show? CBS Show? Pay-Per-Views? Books? Where have you been?

  17. pooks Probationary Member

    rarely watch the E! show or the CBS show--on too late for me. Didn't see a pic of Ralph in Private Parts book--was it there?
  18. drbigcock

    drbigcock Closed by User

    There is a small pic of him putting makeup on Howard on page 67 and I believe that that is also Ralph with Howard at the first page of chapter 14. Can I have you now?
  19. Casey-Stern Full Member

    Hey Doc, you gotta be smooth with these things like,
    Hey Pooks, we're gonna have sex now! There's only 2 answers you can give me- yes and yes!! I don't think you want this promotion!!!
    Try it some time Doc.

  20. bulldog Full Member

    Ralph is such a ugly bastard and does fuck all for a living...he has got a nerve to tell girls what's wrong with them, but he should look in a mirror some time and sort his self out first !! :jackoff:

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