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What would Howard of 20 years ago think about the Howard of today?

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by jonpluc, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. jonpluc Full Member

    Remember that 20 years ago, Howard thought having four cats made you a crazy cat lady, he made frequent gay jokes, actually enjoyed watching naked women not just going thru the motions, and thought vegetarians were weak pasty skinned people with bad breath and hairy legs. What would he think of the Hamptons, Dancing with the Stars Howard?
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  2. PancakeThrombus Full Member

    I'm sure it would be something like.........

  3. Koolaider Full Member

    I'm sure that he'd be more disappointed knowing that Ralph has his own show and that he still does his hair.
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  4. cleanpenguin Full Member

    Howard has always been a narcissistic mess of contradictions. That's what has made him interesting. His goal was never to get everyone to agree with him so much as it has been to get people to listen to him.
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  5. Crackhead165 Full Member

    He would think of himself as a giant pussy and would rip him a new asshole.
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  6. tom's cancer Full Member

    what he thought of imus. end thread.
  7. Harvestsorrow Full Member

    He would be very let down. He would be happy about his bank account tho
  8. Uncensored Full Member

    Celebrity whoring, promoting his wifes causes/projects, elitism, and lounge chair liberalism are all characteristics of 2013 Howard that 1993 Howard trashed on a regular basis.
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  9. Concupiscence Full Member

    We've no need to wonder what Howard would have thought. Just listen to his take on Imus when he married Deer-der-ee-der. Substitute "Beth" and voila, instant time machine.
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  10. Artie'sLiver

    Artie'sLiver VIP: Worlds Greatest ETM Expert

    Its the people stuck in the 1994 time loop that makes this place funny. The fact that you can't get over Howard changing makes me feel better about myself, knowing I'm OK compared with you lunatics.
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  11. RyanW Probationary Member

  12. wvsarafan

    wvsarafan SFN Gold Supporter

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  13. greenchicklets Full Member

    Not bashing here, just observing. Remember when Selena died in 95, and Howard was saying some OUTLANDISH stuff about Latino people, and how they could eat her because they were so hungry, all the while speaking in a ridiculous Latino accent? Yeah, he's changed, I'd say.
  14. greenchicklets Full Member

    ........and he didn't apologize, even though he got hate mail and calls every day.
  15. mrblack66 Full Member

    what would any of us from 20 years ago think of our current selves?? people change as you get closer to death. get over it.
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  16. GITCHASUM Full Member

    i think people understand that everyone changes with age. most of us mature as we get older. i know myself now at age 38 is a whole lot different from 94 when i was 20. i think with howard it is just hard to get used to for some. he was so outrageous and so over the top. for so many years howard was that wild and crazy guy always pushing the limits a little too far. he built his career and his image on being the bad boy, the horny and perverted, the foul mouthed, the i don't give a fuck shock jock that bad-mouthed celebs and made fun of the less fortunate every single day of the week. you know the guy that used to make up excuses to go to strip clubs. regardless of whether it was all an act or not so many regular guys could relate to howard and he was a hero of sorts.

    so for people to see such a drastic change, a complete 180 of what he used to be, is tough to take i guess or hard to get used to. it's like if artie showed up back on the stern show some years from now with a masters degree in scientific mathematics wearing a boston red sox jersey....

    but i have to be honest... if coming on to this bulletin board and putting people down for their opinions makes you feel better about yourself then your life is pretty vacant and i feel sorry for you son.
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  17. Artie'sLiver

    Artie'sLiver VIP: Worlds Greatest ETM Expert

    First off, I completely understand where you're coming from with your explanation. Thing is, the drastic change took place many years ago. You'd think at some point the shock wears off and you move on with your life. Its not that you come to agree with the change, you just acknowledge that what happened happened and you move on.

    Instead, you have people here who are ultra sensitive, to the point of insanity, who post the same shit over and over, and in a tone that insinuates that their life is being destroyed by the fact that a radio disc jockey they liked isn't funny anymore. How can you not goof on something so stupid?

    I also learned a long time ago that along with the goofing, you have to learn to take the hits that come your way. I have never shied away from the people who goof on me. Its part of being a member of SFN. There are people here who have my old Facebook profile picture saved to their computers. When they want to shit on me they upload it and make fun of how hideous I am. That's kinda sick in my opinion, but do I give a shit? Not really.
  18. horizonrusted Full Member

    "My show sucks. Where's Jackie? Who the fuck is Sal Governale? I'm fucking that tall blonde chick?! I MUST BE RICH!!!
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  19. Fuggyou Full Member

    Just listen to his Johnny Carson rant from when Carson went to a 4 day work week. Almost everything Howard said about Carson 20 yrs ago could be applied to himself today.
  20. F.C. Sewer Full Member

    heres the biggest difference from
    the show 20 yrs ago to now
    those of us that love the old howard
    because the energy that was brought to the show daily
    it was like an "event" that you were invited too
    from cabbie vs john fights to caseys closeted feelings
    its not rushing through segments to finish on time
    it was about howard being a fan of his own show
    i dont get that vibe at all from him now
  21. sargentpepper Full Member

    he is a pussy. the only thing he has not done that would be the final nail in the coffin is getting beth pregnant. he will be the laughing stock of himself.

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