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Discussion in 'The New Site Q&A' started by Mutt, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Mutt


    Here are some of the new features that made me want to switch to this code.


    NOTIFICATIONS - this is like the popup that facebook has under the little earth icon that lets youknow what's happening. it lets you know that some replied to your post or liked it, that someone posted on your profile wall, that someone quoted your post. it's really nice. you can "watch" a thread even if you didn't start it. then when someone replies to it, you will be notified. you can even "follow" a member which makes them one of your profile friends & I adds them to your alerts. that are lots of settings that let you limit what you are alerted to & how.

    WATCHED THREADS - I mentioned them above. in your control panel there's a link to bring up your watched threads. it's like bookmarking all your favs & finding them again easily.

    CONVERSATIONS - PMs are now called conversations because like facebook you can have a conversation w/ more than one person making it more of a group discussion. Full members will be able to respond to conversations but they can not start them. Only supporters can start them. this will allow the staff or supporters to contact everyone. Supporters will be able to attach files but only other supporters will be able to download them.

    LIKES - you can like a post, thread, or user

    RECENT ACTIVITY - this is like the active topics page we used to have but it's more than just posts. it includes posts, likes, profile stuff, polls, profile photos, etc. it's an overview of everything that's happening.

    YOUR NEWS FEED - in your control panel you have a link to it & all the people you follow activity will be listed there. sort of like recent activity but for just the people you follow

    PROFILE PAGE - the profile page has tabs for that users recent activity, posts, & profile posts. it shows who you follow & who follows you. you have a photo album and I'll be adding more. there will be options to enter you social media accounts & with each one I checkbox option to display your content on your profile page. like if you enter your twitter name you can check insert your twitter updates in the page.

    ATTACHMENT SYSTEM - it's awesome!! upload in batches, resize, drop thumbs or full size right in the post all quick & easy.

    ATTACHMENTS FROM QUICK REPLY - i'm going to open up attachments to full members

    VIDEO EMBEDDING - i need to add more video sites still but as youi let me know which ones we need, i'll add them.

    MULTI-QUOTE QUICK REPLIES - now you can quote posts from the quick reply form

    THREAD PREFIXES - it's like what I use in the adult forums to separate the diff kinds of porn

    QUICK NAV WINDOW - like the old forum jump. will have to make the link more prominent because unless you know what it is, you'll miss it.

    POWERFUL SEARCH - though it's not working yet. only new posts made here will show up. it doesn't see all the old sfn posts yet. lets you search the WHOLE site in one form. members, profile posts, album comments, the faq, the threads, EVERYTHING. you can ever search within a specific thread. i'll get it running ASAP.

    MULTI-PAGE NAV - it's just slick

    FACEBOOK LOGIN - it's so fucking handy. you can use your facebook account as your login credentials & keep your entire facebook page / identity completely secret. now users don't have to remember a separate SFN login.

    FACEBOOK ACCOUNT CREATION - you can automatically create an SFN account & be posting within a couple clicks using your facebook login. when it does this you have a chance to approve or change everything that gets imported before continuing but from my test site I can see people don't read & just furiously click. because of this I will edit it to NOT automatically fill in the screen name field.

    STATUS UPDATE - this is just a tagline like we have now but soon all staus updates will be in a scroller on the side of the page. this doesn't sound like much but I think people will get a kick out of it.

    AVATAR UPLOAD - everyone gets a non-animated custom av. the limits are the same as facebook. if you create your account using your facebook account, you can tell it to just grab your facebook av. only supporters will get larger animated ones.

    USER ALBUMS - so much nicer than what we previously had. upload galleries to your profile & peopel can leave comments.

    MOBILE FRIENDLY - I haven't made a mobile skin yet but the default skin is VERY mobile friendly. about he only this that hasn't worked for me is attachments.

    TAPATALK -this phone app is available in almost every format. SFN is setup on in so install it & search for "stern fan network". you can use it for the whole site and it even lets you mobile upload pics right from your phone. very fucking cool!


    here are some of the staff only new features that will make it easier for us to manage the animal that is Stern Fan Network

    NOTICES - we had these before (sorta) but it's a way for the staff to put a message at the top of the page w/ lots of controls about who sees them, on what pages, & why. it can be used to say happy birthday on a particular members birthday, say something cute because it's 3am & they are still on the site, tell them they don't post enough if it's been a long time since they posted, tell all time-out people some sort of rules, let VIPs know that they should not hesitate to contact the staff, etc.

    REPORTED CONTENT - now when posts are reported (what we used to call alerted) there is a whole ticket system that lets the staff communicate & keep track of user behavior. with this a large group of staff would still be able to work as a team. check this vid out for details.

    SPAM CLEANER - ban an asshole & delete all of their posts in 1 step

    WARNING SYSTEM - tool for warning / guiding members in the right direction while keeping the rest of the staff in the loop & a record of what's been warned. This will be used to issue Ivan's standard warnings to common issues. to automate the process each type of warning is assigned point values to them based on the severity. we can even auto time out or ban people when the warning points reach a threshold.

    THREAD MODERATION - shows how easy it is to move threads. I will be sure to add a "recycle" option.



    What's still to come? Well I have to make it look like SFN. I have to add all the little goodies.

    HOMEPAGE - We have a new homepage that I can add alot to. the most important one is the ability to easily take anyone's thread & promote it to the homepage blog style. this will let me take member content for stern related articles, photoshops, etc & stick it where google will see it.

    VIDEO GALLERY - it's basically just a place to post youtube videos. we could have done it right in the forums but this is cooler. it's more like browsing youtube with all the stern related stuff your friends have shared w/ us.

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  2. Apoc13

    Apoc13 SFN Supporter

    first there a way to get the latest threads or posed in threads to the top of the page?...i didn;t see an option for it at first glace
  3. Apoc13

    Apoc13 SFN Supporter

    ummm....i didn;t post all those :jj:
  4. Bababaloney Full Member


    Don't sweat it, Apoc...I did the same thing in another thread... Just glad you made it back here...This new site's pretty damn sweet, isn't it???
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  5. Mutt


    Go to Members / recent activity
  6. Apoc13

    Apoc13 SFN Supporter

    thanks....looks good....though it's definitely gonna take some getting used to....i know you said it would be up by tomorrow but i wasn't counting on it
  7. Apoc13

    Apoc13 SFN Supporter

    ok...just checked it out....looks sweet, everything is right there...any chance we could get an easier link, maybe right at the top of every page, at some point? ....and the "what's new" is just like the old recent activity, which i used exclusively on the old site
  8. Apoc13

    Apoc13 SFN Supporter

    fyi, just tried it out from my droid x and everything works perfectly
  9. jackie the jerk

    jackie the jerk SFN Supporter

    What happened to the total ignore feature? I am still seeing the same stuff as before.
  10. sarnfun

    sarnfun SFN Supporter

    supporter info?
  11. adam

    adam SFN Gold Supporter

    Congratulations and thanks Mutt.
    Things look good so far...

    uh, don't rush on adding goodies Mutt. Wouldn't you rather see that everything is functional and stable before you begin to add things?
  12. randoscious Full Member

    like the new website so far
  13. Franklin

    Franklin Closed by User

    Under rules it says:
    What words are censored?
  14. Franklin

    Franklin Closed by User

    And is there a way to hide all signatures? Because with the current layout it is very difficult to tell apart a post message from the signature.
  15. Mutt


    yes, I think several tools need better links
  16. Mutt


    that should be an option in your control panel
  17. Mutt


    very few but but sometimes I have to block something like a person's name
  18. Mutt


    yes but some of the goodies were necessary
  19. Mutt


    i didn't setup any of the support info yet. as of right now, you can't donate. I need to set them up & decide how to handle old system vs new. i have to do it asap but don't know how to convert the month to month people. I'll probably have to just log into paypal & cancel any auto payments & let people re-do it on the new system if they want to.
  20. Mutt


    what do you mean?
  21. v3gan Full Member

    ahhh... this new forum is awesome! i need to try out the facebook login thingie.
  22. Mutt


    i find it really handy
  23. KingofCanada

    KingofCanada SFN Supporter

    We were under the impression there was a feature now that would allow you to ignore someone so there'd be no trace of their presence on the site whatsoever. Maybe that was an unfounded rumor.
  24. Mutt


    I will make that but for now we just have the basic ignore feature.
  25. Syrus Full Member

    Is there going to be a way to view 100 posts per page in a thread like the old site? I didn't see anything in the thread display options.
  26. Mutt


    i will look & see if it's something I have to turn on. seems odd that it's missing. if it's not built in, we'll have to add it

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