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Discussion in 'The New Site Q&A' started by Mutt, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Syrus Full Member

    cool, thanks!
  2. ZosoHitler

    ZosoHitler SFN Gold Supporter

    Mutt, will we able to embed videos from YouPorn, RedTube, PornHub? That would be a cool feature for the Adult forum.
  3. Franklin

    Franklin Closed by User

    Megavideo is the only other big video site you might want to add.
  4. Howard Stearn

    Howard Stearn SFN Supporter

    I'm curious about this myself.
  5. use

    use SFN Gold Supporter

    Testing tapatalk on sfn with this post. Looks good. Can't wait to get home to see the new site. Tux mutt for including tapatalk.
  6. jackie the jerk

    jackie the jerk SFN Supporter

    You had mentioned a total ignore feature to where you so nothing of the ignored person, I still get the "this message is hidden because ******** is on your ignore list" Just wondering if that feature is the same as the old ignore or if there is something in settings we have to click to get it to work.
  7. jackie the jerk

    jackie the jerk SFN Supporter

    Edit on last post of mine, you already answered.
  8. bababooey2uall

    bababooey2uall SFN Supporter

    Is there a way to change the number of posts that display, per page? With old SFN, you could set it to 100.
  9. Apoc13

    Apoc13 SFN Supporter

    post #25
  10. Mutt


  11. Jeton Full Member

    if it's something that u must add actively, can u also add an option for showing 200, 500 and even 1000 posts per page? it can make catching up with Epic Threads more easy for everyone.

    edit (it works!?): years back when u asked us what new features we would like to see on SFN, this was mentioned by myself n others, n u said it was a good idea...
  12. Mutt


    if you look on the forum page where all threads are listed there a tab at the bottom w/ viewing preferences. I will add a dropdown there where you can choose the # of threads to display. prob a user control panel option to set the default setting as well.

    then I'l like to see the same sort of thing inside the thread for number of posts per page.
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  13. Jeton Full Member

    niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. nice to see the "edit" function working as well! :bigup:
  14. blindseven Full Member

    Good job. Mutt! You did alot of work and it's appreciated, brutha
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  15. upnorth067 Probationary Member

    Love the new site Mutt. Keep up the great work.
  16. yodster

    yodster SFN Gold Supporter

    Ok, lets see....testing this out.
  17. adam

    adam SFN Gold Supporter

    "SFN Supporters & VIPs don't see this ad."

    Thanks Mutt.
  18. FlatTimmy Full Member

    Please forgive me if you've answered this question a thousand times before or if I'm doing something dumb. But I can't find my posts from the previous version of SFN, only the one ones I've made this year. Are they gone? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks.
  19. adam

    adam SFN Gold Supporter

    He has addressed this. You can use Google to find your older posts while Mutt updates the "Search" function to include pre-2012 posts. Your posts have not been deleted.

    On Google, use the advanced search to limit the query to sternfannetwork.com


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  20. FlatTimmy Full Member

    Found it. Thanks.
  21. Mutt


    there will be more. I'm making it so the side bar is on all the pages. it will have good things in it but will also have a skyscrper ad. supporters will be able to minimize the sidebar (and that ad) & only pop it open when they need it.

    so far we have a minimum of ads. i just rushed them up to get us started. still lots of fine tuning to do
  22. DaggerinStanley Full Member

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