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Where are the new logo submissions?

Discussion in 'The New Site Q&A' started by Mutt, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. 420lover Full Member

    I love this one.....its perfect!!

  2. likestoshowoff Full Member

    too bad it dont fit
  3. etmrules

    etmrules Closed by User

    ETM blowjob
  4. MOB

    MOB Closed by User

    After seeing a bunch more that I either missed or are new, I basically like any of the ones with STERN in big letters and then FAN and NETWORK, one on top the other, next to STERN. The one where Stern was in gold and the black fist was another really good one with that design.
  5. Ozzy5150 Full Member


    I dig the superman logo as well
  6. teeshazhere Full Member

    :jj2: awesome!
  7. Franklin

    Franklin Closed by User

  8. Mr Hand Full Member

    this one

  9. Timmy Full Member


    I say we use the Nevada Wolfpack logo for the "N" in SFN.

    Get it??? Howard allways calls us wolves!
  10. specialkt

    specialkt SFN Gold Supporter

    The Superman logo without a doubt.
  11. likestoshowoff Full Member

    too bad superman logo cant be used proportionately with the site only on tshirts or prints..same goes for the round green one
  12. TarotbyTara Full Member

    The Superman logo is nice, but too big and cumbersome. The logo would work best with a horizontal perspective.
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  13. Doctor Ivan

    Doctor Ivan
    SFN Staff

  14. Doctor Ivan

    Doctor Ivan
    SFN Staff

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  15. Doctor Ivan

    Doctor Ivan
    SFN Staff

    Thanks... Mutt seemed to like it as well. I like this whole "revolving logo" thing. Its cool seeing all the different styles.
  16. TarotbyTara Full Member

    Very nice! :) I'd like the post if I could (still under probation).
  17. Mutt


    here's Ivan's raw tweak on the superman one. love it

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  18. Apoc13

    Apoc13 SFN Supporter

    I like the superman logo....but the font for the rest is a little plain, no?...or maybe incorporate some yellow into it....the logo has a yellow background but there is no yellow in the spelled out part

    Ivan is a genius with this stuff....I'd love to see what else he can do
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  19. Doctor Ivan

    Doctor Ivan
    SFN Staff

    The simplistic font was intentional if anything. All of the best logos that stand the test of time are simple affairs.
    [IMG] [IMG][IMG]

    Most designers make the mistake of "throwing the kitchen sink in" a logo design. Sometimes less is more. Frankly I'd have made it more simple after looking at it for awhile. The work you see above that I did is not finished... just the beginning of an idea. Toronto is currently playing with it in Photoshop and I hope he comes up with a few touches. He also mentioned adding more yellow to the text so you might have something there Apoc.
  20. Salad Fingers Full Member

    Speaking of simplistic, I really like the one in post 107. I can't quote it because it's an image.
  21. DaggerinStanley Full Member

    i say fuck it. Constantly keep the logos on rotation and just keep adding logos. i think its cool like that. it never gets old
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  22. Apoc13

    Apoc13 SFN Supporter

    You know, as stupid as that suggestion is, that could work....just figure out what color scheme we want and change the colors of all the logos to match
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  23. Apoc13

    Apoc13 SFN Supporter

    And the superman logo could still be the main logo
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  24. TarotbyTara Full Member

    Many logos rotating is funny and different, however how professional is it? It depends what direction Mutt wants to go. There should always be one main logo for advertising purposes though.

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