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Who can get the last word?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by POLAND, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. JJR

    JJR SFN Supporter

    There are about 4 more bridges over the river now
    And the westside (represent) is pretty packed these days
    Hence the new bridges
  2. CreamyBone

    CreamyBone SFN Supporter

    It's almost noon on Sunday in India.
  3. Mr. Hole

    Mr. Hole SFN Supporter

  4. JJR

    JJR SFN Supporter

    I wish is could wish pizza into existence
  5. DAMONKEYS Full Member

    Fuck is going on in here? Wake up Mr. Hole!
  6. fatroider4 Full Member

    Sometimes when I dream I dream that my penis acts as a boa constictor around a ham and cheese omelet
  7. DAMONKEYS Full Member

    Wud up JJR?
  8. DAMONKEYS Full Member

    Do your balls sit in the home fries on the side?
  9. JJR

    JJR SFN Supporter

    Fucking hungry is what's up
  10. JJR

    JJR SFN Supporter

    Put some broccoli in that shit, son
  11. DAMONKEYS Full Member

    The fuck is LLPOF?
  12. fatroider4 Full Member

    No because the gravy would scald them
  13. fatroider4 Full Member

    the fuck out of here with that shit
  14. JJR

    JJR SFN Supporter

    liar liar pants on fire
  15. JJR

    JJR SFN Supporter

    I will not
  16. fatroider4 Full Member

    I would stab anybody with a fork if they brought anything green around my omelet
  17. CreamyBone

    CreamyBone SFN Supporter

    I'm hungry here too... I'm tryin to decide whether to thaw out some steak strips I got in the freezer and make some steak nachos.

    ...or just go to bed hungry.
  18. fatroider4 Full Member

    both of those are very anti smoothy
  19. DAMONKEYS Full Member


    Gotta have cheese and some form of fork product in it. It's just eggs without it.
  20. JJR

    JJR SFN Supporter

    What about green onions
    Or green gummy bears
  21. CreamyBone

    CreamyBone SFN Supporter

    that's the whole reason... 75% of what I eat (by design) is fruits and veggies. 1 meal per day is allowed to be totally greasy, cheezie, meaty.

    Like thus:

  22. fatroider4 Full Member

    green gummi bears were my second favorite gummi bear
  23. JJR

    JJR SFN Supporter

  24. DAMONKEYS Full Member

    You need to change it to:

    JJRousseau is calling you a fucking liar because DAMONKEYS said so!

    Well make millions kid!
  25. JJR

    JJR SFN Supporter

    But I am the liar

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