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Who can get the last word?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by POLAND, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. phuck the fcc Full Member

    I'm glad smackey doesn't get mad at me...or does he?
  2. mooch916 Full Member

  3. A.J. Full Member



    have fun :cool:
  5. phuck the fcc Full Member

  6. A.J. Full Member

  7. cecilturtle06 Full Member

    Dooooo beeeee do be doooooo.
  8. mooch916 Full Member

  9. phuck the fcc Full Member

    lets sing a song together:

    doo doo doo de daa daa da all I want tis you Dee do da la
  10. hhkr

    hhkr SFN Gold Supporter

  11. A.J. Full Member

  12. mooch916 Full Member

  13. phuck the fcc Full Member

  14. phuck the fcc Full Member

  15. cecilturtle06 Full Member

    Word up! Everybody say! When you hear the call you got to get it on your way. OW!
  16. phuck the fcc Full Member

  17. cecilturtle06 Full Member

    Don't squeeze the Charmin!
  18. mooch916 Full Member

  19. phuck the fcc Full Member

    at the tone please your name and phone number. Someone will return your call
  20. mooch916 Full Member

    hi this is Mooch and I just wanted to .... wait this isnt really an answering machine is it?
  21. cecilturtle06 Full Member

  22. mooch916 Full Member

    just like candy

  23. phuck the fcc Full Member

    beep if you are satisfied with your message press 1.

    are you still there? Welcome to the message center, to continue in english press 1..voda me dos a la jelero vado me los dos
  24. cecilturtle06 Full Member

    Uh, hi, I got the last word. And would like to buy a magazine subscribtion? :gwave:
  25. phuck the fcc Full Member

    Did you say; hearing aids? If yes press 1 if no press 2

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