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Why are Negros so Violent?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ManGRavy, Apr 2, 2012.

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  1. budgerock Full Member

    Poverty, joblessness, and lack of education.

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  2. budgerock Full Member

    Because these conditions lead people to feel hopeless/worthless and then they value life a lot less. Poverty also leads to desperate acts(robbery, murder).
  3. walygatr Full Member

    They tried to address the issues with the million man march, Fathers need to be fathers.
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  4. Timmy Full Member

    Why are white people so hateful??

    They actually start hate organizations for christsakes.
  5. Timmy Full Member

    By the way. THe stats are for those convicted or pleading to crimes. And we all know how the white mans police and court system works.
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  6. budgerock Full Member

    This is very true. The lack of accountable fathers in the black community is an abomination.
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  7. budgerock Full Member

    You didn't grow up in a horrible ghetto, you were cash poor when you were a young adult. Big difference. If you grew up in a community with drugs everywhere, no good jobs, shit schools, absent parents, and NO HOPE, you'd likely be fucked.
  8. walygatr Full Member

    Don't forget about the white man's internet, Timmy. They show crimes being committed on a daily basis.
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  9. jtheweirdo Full Member

    Also don't for get that the poor are more likely to just take a public defender when charged with a crime and 99% of the time your public defender says "Their offer sounds good, I suggest you take the plea."
  10. jtheweirdo Full Member

    That is clearly not what he said.
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  11. Timmy Full Member

    Ah yes the "NEW" Black Panther party. A group of about a dozen assholes who seem to get all this attention from the far right who want to hold them up like they rep the majority of black americans. More proof of racism.

    Depite all the horrible things whites have done to minorities over the year its the brown/yellow/jew folks who are willing to let bygones be bygones.

    Not so much with the whites.
  12. walygatr Full Member

    My county jail is full of white people. No blacks. 90% are there because they're meth addicts. All received public defense, yet you can't find one video from within a 100 mile radius of me of a group of white tweekers destroying a Denny's.
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  13. Timmy Full Member

    Really. THe New Black Panther party???? THe only people who pay attention to them is fox news.

    Its like saying the God Hates Fags group represents white christain america..... hmmm, we may be on to sumthing...
  14. Timmy Full Member

    Ive met neonazies. Seen lots of swastica tats.

    How many new black panther members have you met?
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  15. jtheweirdo Full Member

    I don't know where you live to look up meth use and violence in your area but there is a known link between meth use and violence. So because you haven't seen some specific type of violent behavior than means none is happening?
    Horrific murder no surprise in U.S. meth capital
    At least she didn't destroy a Denny's... [IMG]
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  16. budgerock Full Member

    The Klan doesn't need to make a statement now, they've already spoken.
  17. Timmy Full Member

    Why dont you see whats being said over at the stormfront webpage. Then get back to me.

    But they aint getting the press like the New Black Panthres/. WHO by the way have been condemmed by the likes of Jesse n Treys parents. No one ever mentions that either.

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