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Why are Negros so Violent?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ManGRavy, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. mingmen Full Member

  2. mingmen Full Member

    classy. I like it :jj:
  3. walygatr Full Member

    You know, cutting, pasting, sniffing glue.
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  4. mingmen Full Member

  5. mingmen Full Member

    damn libs. always playing the race card from the bottom of the deck :D
  6. TonyJax

    TonyJax Closed by User

    The cops that got 30 monthes in jail.
  7. Timmy Full Member

    THey were aquitted, that sparked the riots.

    Afterwards they faced fed charges.
  8. Monster_Zero

    Monster_Zero SFN Gold Supporter

    "Call 'em anything long enough and they'll take a burn to it." Daniel Carver
  9. Monster_Zero

    Monster_Zero SFN Gold Supporter

  10. 1vegasgirl Full Member

    They were acquitted of attempted murder charges, but Maxine Waters (Compton) helped to start the riots telling people to take to the streets, "No justice, no peace". She's really not that good for helping people in her district. She is one of the biggest race baiters and her district is worse off then ever. Her whole power comes from keeping her people dependent on people like her, and keeping that victim mentality.
  11. Superdog Full Member

  12. tourette_ticker Full Member

    So why do these factor so heavily in the black population?
  13. jtheweirdo Full Member

    Fuck off racist scum.
  14. mcopley Full Member

    Could it be the other way around? People are violent and don't care about themselves or their surroundings so they are jobless, in poverty, and have a lack of education.

    I'm not a hateful person at all, but this could be a legit answer.
  15. Superdog Full Member

    Cause they werent seen as people for a long time?
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  16. booybob2 Got The Gay

    When you are third or 4th generation welfare users, you have no ambition or need to improve yourself.
    You have seen multiple generations before you get by without an education, or a job.
    Why would you want any of those things when you have been raised to wait on da gubment check which pays for you food, shelter, healthcare,utilities or almost anything else that you need.
  17. budgerock Full Member

    I'll add to this: They still aren't seen as people. The comments in this thread prove it.
  18. homerjs Full Member

  19. Drizden Full Member

    Where was this "an open dialogue on Race in America.", during the flash mobs and the race riot at the state fair in Wisconsin?

    Its just like Jon Stewert calling for bringing back sanity because of people that compared Obama to Hitler but this campaign to bring back sannity wasn't around when Bush was being called Hitler.
  20. Drizden Full Member

    If Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton tells them to. The cop that handcuffed a black guy and then shot him in the back while 2 other cops held him down only got a year in jail and it was caught on tape so there was no self defense argument.
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  21. NoName

    NoName SFN Supporter

    Instead of the thread title, why don't we call it: Why do pussies talk shit online and NEVER say it to someone's face.

    NOW..that's a thread I can support.
  22. Drizden Full Member

    First true thing you have said. 14% of those that use drugs are black, 36% of drug users arrested are black, and 63% that end up in prison for drug use are black. We all know you have to change in prison to survive so you go in as a harmless drug user and come out with new violent criminal skills. The best thing you can do for black neighborhoods is end the war on drugs.
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  23. budgerock Full Member

    That is really the problem. Many people think it would be better if we DIDN'T live together(Republicans), so they spend their time trying to stop the social mobility of the poor and the integration of ideas and thoughts that aren't theirs. You have to start with an open mind. Many simply refuse to even try.
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  24. budgerock Full Member

    The fact that we can agree that the war on drugs is a fucking disaster gives me hope that we might be able to somehow end it in our lifetime.

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