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Why are the Irish considered, "The niggers of Europe"?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by BlackDildo, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. BlackDildo Full Member

    Just because Ireland is the only 3rd world nation that is predominantly white, this seems very unfair and downright cruel.

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  2. Grimcat Full Member

    Get me a fucking green beer.
  3. Chriza

    Chriza Closed by User

    You just wanted an excuse to say "niggers".

    Admit it, white devil.

  4. 143Sal

    143Sal Closed by User

    It's a long, long story and it will get boring and we all know SFNrs don't like words. One thing about Ireland tho. it grew twice as fast as other European countries in population because believe it or not the potato. And it was Christopher Columbus that brought the potato from Peru to Europe. Again don't want to get into it, too long of a story :)
  5. BlackDildo Full Member

    When I was a teenager I had a job one summer in a shipyard cleaning and repainting the bottom of yachts. I found out later people called that job a "boat nigger".

    True story.
  6. Maschine Zeit Full Member

    because they were known as drunks and were all catholics.
  7. Grimcat Full Member


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  8. 143Sal

    143Sal Closed by User

    It has more to do with religion than drinking all Europeans were drunks, but religion influence was stronger in other European countries.
  9. Blue_Fisher

    Blue_Fisher Suicide by Mod

    they never had an empire

    they are England's toilet paper
  10. Mr Fister Full Member

    New Orleans was built by the Irish, the slave owners didn't want any of their slaves dying doing all that hard work. True story.
  11. BlackDildo Full Member

    They do tend to cry non-stop about how the English beat the fuck out of them.
  12. BlackDildo Full Member

    How do you know it's true? Is there a webcam or a DVD?
  13. Mr Fister Full Member

    All of the old geezers on my dad's side of the family are Scotsmen.....and they hate the Irish with a passion.
  14. Blue_Fisher

    Blue_Fisher Suicide by Mod

    When the greatest thing about your heritage is having a really old brewery you shouldnt be that proud.
  15. DogStar69 HATER

    I always thought the Russians were, IMHO.
  16. Blue_Fisher

    Blue_Fisher Suicide by Mod

    No, Russians have much to be proud of. Few countries could have held their own in a cold war like they did.
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  17. BlackDildo Full Member

    Ok, so they have a shit heritage of essentially being drunk peasants.... but isn't that the fault of the English who were just too mean?
  18. Blue_Fisher

    Blue_Fisher Suicide by Mod

    They do have Irish folklore and shit about leprechauns, plus some famous writers and poets. But its their absense of any world dominance or global colonization that forces me to rank them quite low on my European hierarchy scale.

    And yes its all England's fault for being mega dickish towards them.
  19. Blue_Fisher

    Blue_Fisher Suicide by Mod

    They gave us Oscar Wilde too. The real one.
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  20. Maschine Zeit Full Member

    the Scots hate the English even more though.
  21. evilbob

    evilbob SFN Gold Supporter

  22. 143Sal

    143Sal Closed by User

    The truth is that during medieval times every European country hated each other with a passion
  23. DogStar69 HATER

    Those savages were used to the cold.
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