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Why isn't Howard on XM yet?

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by dikkydowmein, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. dikkydowmein Full Member

    Are you telling me XM doesn't have the technology to get a copy of the show and rebroadcast it?
  2. Kilroy Full Member

    But, but, Howard said the other day he has 19 million listeners telling me he lied to us? :(
  3. Dr. T. Sanchez Full Member

    He has said they have 19 million subscribers.

    October 6th is the expected date.

    Pay attention.
  4. Kilroy Full Member

    BTW, Maddog is on both Sirius and XM, so I don't understand why Howard isn't, unless they really just don't give a fuck..
  5. dikkydowmein Full Member

    Yeah, that is what got me thinking. Put the show on a CD and have XM hit play.
  6. gilaet Full Member

    He's on piratebay :dontknow:
  7. mrsluda85 Full Member

    Then XM customers will be pissing and moaning because they don't have him live. They don't want to have to pay for a recorded show. They won't be able to call in and all that other good shit.
  8. ephemera Full Member

    Xm won't have him on.
  9. Dr. T. Sanchez Full Member

    Radio Disney is also on both.....
  10. Shannon Full Member

    I thought they were having a premium like package starting in October?
  11. Shannon Full Member

  12. MisterMeener Full Member

    they are just figuring out how to charge XM customers $6 more to hear Howard
  13. King Of All Chris's

    King Of All Chris's SFN Gold Supporter

    Amazing stupid move!
  14. emtfromny2 Full Member

    yes, that is what i'm telling you.
  15. NewYorker Full Member

  16. kronyan Full Member

    Nobody on XM gives a shit about howard.
  17. dontfeedphil Full Member

    This move will actually hurt howard in the end because you will actually be able to see how many subscrubers are there for howard. The xm people will have to choose a howard specific product, which most wont, so he will never get near that 19 million figure. People that have siri might even go to the lessor package. I am sure you wont hear any of this on the show but its true.
  18. bababoo82 Full Member

    Thats not true. People like me who bought a car that has xm installed can just pay the extra $6 a month to hear him rather than take out the XM radio and put in a Sirius xm radio. The whole installation could cost up to $400
  19. Howies Nigga HATER

    I just bought a new GMC pickup that has XM installed and i'm getting close to the end of the freebie period so XM has been ringing my phone off the wall trying to sign me up.

    I explained that i was a Sirius sub already and when Howards channels became available post merger i would be interested but not before.

    The customer service rep told me that as far as she was concerned XM was to remain a seperate entity and had no immediate plans to offer either of Howards channels.

    I told her the only reason i have sat radio is for Howard,Bubba and the AC/DC channel so i guess you're shit out of luck.

    I received another call a week later from a different rep and was told the same thing but this time i was given a pitch about the great non Howard comedy that XM has to offer.

    I dont know wtf is going on but it's obvious that XM doesnt have any interest in marketing Howard in any way.

    But then XM thinks O&A are quality entertainment so it shows you how they wouldnt know talent or how to market it if it bit them in the ass.
  20. mrsluda85 Full Member

    I think that is true. Just because you have Sirius doesn't mean that you are necessarily a Howard fan. People may go to a lower- priced package that doesn't include Howard. You are right.
  21. cij8oya02 Full Member

    Maybe Howard wants more money for simulcasting on XM?
  22. Dr. T. Sanchez Full Member

    I doubt it - they are 1 company, so he probably has no say....
  23. joeschmoe_nj Full Member

    Howard could be asking for more money. I heard the NFL won't allow XM to broadcast games because they didn't sign any contract with XM and they want a lot more money. I think it's the same with MLB broadcasting on Sirius but I'm not sure. I love my Sirius and hardly miss a minute of Howard or Bubba but this company is run by idiots. I would pay extra to get MLB for the playoffs but I don't think it's possible.
  24. King Of All Chris's

    King Of All Chris's SFN Gold Supporter

    They are really being incredibly stupid trying to charge that extra $4 or $6 a month to get a few extra channels on the other service. It's just makes the whole thing even more confusing and comes across as greedy. Combine the best of both services and simulcast everything over both. Simple as that! Advertise that you have the best radio experience out there. Don't fucking try to charge people extra here and there. They aren't going to want to pick and choose their radio.
  25. dontfeedphil Full Member

    Agreed, especially in these times, you cant nickel and dime people to death over channels.

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