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Will Obama resign?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Frankly, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Frankly Full Member

    Best thing to do.

    His "popularity" is plummeting.

    He cannot make decisions.

    We need a President, yet oPawna is not a prezident. Never was.

    Let's get real folks.

    Conservatives will bring jobs. ObAma has lost jobs in a major way.
    Do the math.

    And NEVER vote for a public "obamaCare" option. Another horrific obama move.
  2. sfgirl

    sfgirl SFN Gold Supporter

    No. Contrary to what Drudge says the ego hasn't landed just yet.
  3. Frankly Full Member

    I'm from San Fran.

    No one with any brain cells that I know voted for oBama.

    Best for him to resign. We need our Country back. We gots lots of cleanin' to do now thanks to supremely BAD oBama mistakes. All rookie moves.
  4. Kracka-Mike Full Member

  5. mingmen Full Member

    He should. Total failure of leadership
  6. Frankly Full Member


    But boy can he read good from the teleprompter!!!!!!!!!
  7. Reverend Tyler Full Member

    No, he is nothing like Sarah Palin.
  8. Reverend Tyler Full Member

  9. chickenwings Full Member

    Gotta love Conservatives.

  10. sfgirl

    sfgirl SFN Gold Supporter

    Greetings from the East Bay.
  11. Frankly Full Member

  12. mingmen Full Member

    What are we doing in Afghanistan? How about Iraq? Lulz
  13. Drizden Full Member

    Dying, while Obama decides if we are in it to win or lose.
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  14. chickenwings Full Member

    Sounds like you have thought this through before. You been teetering lately?
  15. mingmen Full Member

    wrong. we don't even have a definition of win or lose
  16. Reverend Tyler Full Member

    slowly leaving Iraq and into Afghanistan like he campaigned on...And a few weeks away from health care reform passing which instantly makes him more successful than any democratic president in 40 years
  17. mingmen Full Member

    what does "into afghanistan" mean?
  18. Luther Full Member

    40,000 to 80,000 more troops.
  19. mingmen Full Member

    for what?
  20. oh_micah Full Member

    That would mean people with "brain cells" voted for McCain-Palin.

    They lost to a black man for goodness sakes.

    Someone had to be the first. That would make them civil rights leaders in the affirmative action sense of the term. You know, advancing colored people and such.
  21. rod_jammer Full Member

    If only he would exercise the "humble foreign policy" of the previous administration...:wacko:
  22. Billyfromsphily Full Member

    I f i were you, I'd test that idea first!
  23. NCMike06 Full Member


    Not quite yet, but close...

  24. NCMike06 Full Member


    Leaving Iraq under the agreement signed by the prior administration...

    Taking the prior admin's Afghan recommendations, and now being stuck in the 'vote present' mindset when the time for real decisions is at hand.

    Might be a lot longer than a 'few weeks' away.....if Christie wins in NJ, Health Care reform might be dead.

    And even if you accept the premise.... being 'more successful than any democrat president in 40 years' not really saying all that much.

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