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WISHLIST - I can't promise you'll get it but what do you want?

Discussion in 'The New Site Q&A' started by Mutt, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Franklin

    Franklin Closed by User

    It would be awesome if the post preview (when you hover over a thread title) would show always show up in an area of the screen that always makes it visible without scrolling.

    The post preview always pops up about the link, never below. Which is annoying because if a thread is near the top of the screen the post preview is cut off unless you scroll up.
  2. ArtiesButtCrack

    ArtiesButtCrack SFN Gold Supporter

    If it's possible... Poster List?

    I used to click on the post count of a thread, and get the list of who posted it in it and then I could only looks at posts from certain posters in a thread.
    Also in the thread there was a "Thread Tools" button which would show you the poster list.

    That was a cool feature.
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  3. mochinist

    mochinist SFN Gold Supporter

    any chance of a getting a new joke forum with something similar to the old [you] code?
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  4. LawnGuy Full Member

    Can there be a place just for the haters? I start reading a post and half way thru a hater starts shit and boom there goes the whole tread. I dont get the hate people have for Howard and I really don't get the hate for Beth. What the hell did she do? If you hate Howard go to the I hate howard thread keep out of the people who are here to really talk about the show.
  5. Guano_Harvester Full Member

    Option to block user avatars and signatures.
  6. Salad Fingers Full Member

    There is an option under preferences that hides all signatures, and with the adblock+ addon you can block all avatars.
  7. Mutt


    the sig option is in your prefrences

    I already started a no avatar skin. will be identical to the default one but w/ no avs. if there's anything else we should strip from it let me know.
  8. Mutt


    I would be all for setting up a no holds barred section for that kind of talk but the people that make those kinds of posts shit all over me for suggesting it.
  9. Mutt


    yes, but I want it to be something special. not sure what or how i'll do it yet but I agree we need something
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  10. Mutt


    that was one of my hacks. glad you liked it.

    I started working on it for here but the god damn we it handles paging makes it difficult. I had to turn it off. I have every intention of making it. not sure when
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  11. Apoc13

    Apoc13 SFN Supporter

    holy shit, that would be sweet...the meltdowns in there were priceless
  12. Mutt


    i'm sure the xen team will fix that one on their own. next update is supposed to be in a couple months.
  13. Mutt


    all the old SFN posts are here. they just don't show up in the searches yet. you can browse back but if you want to search & find a users posts I guess you could try google. search will be updated soon
  14. Mutt


    i just checked and there are now PCs from you. I sent you one just now so you can tell me the name you want
  15. s2destiny

    s2destiny SFN Gold Supporter

    i like that correcting a mistake is invisible
  16. Mutt


    ok, now you have that option
  17. adam

    adam SFN Gold Supporter

    Mutt, please change the color scheme, even if it's temporary while you decide on banner/logos/final layout, etc. The bright white is a bit harsh and tiring to look at.
    Anything would be an improvement.

    Here are four examples of Xenforo-based Forum sites showing the "What's New" forum page:
    I'm not saying any of them are ideal, but they're softer on the eyes in terms of contrast, etc...

  18. Mutt


  19. ArtiesButtCrack

    ArtiesButtCrack SFN Gold Supporter

  20. ArtiesButtCrack

    ArtiesButtCrack SFN Gold Supporter

    Thats' good news. It helps skip through the nonsense when only one or two decent people post in a thread.
  21. Maschine Zeit Full Member

    • This user has been removed from public view.
  22. Jellyfishlips Full Member

    This was one of the most useful features on the site and I used it all the time. Big time saver and I really miss it. Glad you intend to bring it back.
  23. Mutt


    didn't realize anyone but me used it. good to know
  24. adam

    adam SFN Gold Supporter

    I also used this quite often.

    Now, you can accomplish the same thing by using the "Search in this thread only" option, and enter the name of the member to filter for. It's a few steps of clicking and typing so maybe if you just inform everyone that is missing this option, that might be good enough.

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