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Would You Have Sex With Jillian Barberie?

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Perkoff, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. oshkosh_chris Full Member

    YES!!!!! At least twice a day......
  2. steenysteiny Full Member

    She gave birth this morning... how hot is that?
  3. boeing46 Full Member

    In a couple months. She's having a C section tomorrow.
  4. Gindaloonatic Full Member

    I'd fuck her hard and wipe my nut off with a Bret Barberie 1994 Topps.
  5. PeanutButter11 Full Member

    I wouldn't even go near her or touch her with a ten foot pole

    because she's married. I don't want to get the husband angry, and why would I touch people with a ten foot pole?
  6. perryman94

    perryman94 SFN Gold Supporter

  7. aussie_sternfan Full Member

    She is hot, and sounds like a lot of fun.. would have too much energy if you saw her 24/7. but so sexy.
    By the way.. "Rocco Rio Reynolds born 8:02am 7lbs 8ozs 20 1/2 inches we're doin great, he's so beautiful good cry already! from her twitter.
  8. wangold Full Member


    I love those crazy "cocked" eyes too. Kinda like Madelyn Smith. :jerk:
  9. mega shmega Full Member

  10. PJB22 Full Member

    I would fuck her within an inch of her life.
  11. mrd160 Full Member spite of the crazy eyes...:ec:
  12. grim fandango Full Member

  13. grim fandango Full Member

  14. VA_siCkBoy

    VA_siCkBoy SFN Gold Supporter

    I'd love to teach that baby to box. :boxing:
  15. Captain Haddock Full Member

    I'd bang that tranny until the room smelled like shit...
  16. Gkman Full Member

    Not now - she just had a baby
  17. Oh! Full Member

  18. Wheelieboymike Full Member

    Without a doubt. I would eat her ass and fuck her feet. She's hot.
  19. 143Sal

    143Sal Closed by User

    Hell yeah!
  20. SheriffJWPepper Full Member

    Jillian, No way. Leann Tweeden, yes. :)
  21. YYZed Full Member

    Du, yeah.

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