This is not a generic banner. These are the actual Vivid girls who are live now.
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Young French Prostitute has sex w/ 3 French Soccer Players....

Discussion in 'Hot Chick Pics' started by yankees69, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. yankees69 Full Member

    The 18 year old French prostitute has reportedly had paid relations with soccer players Franck Ribery, Karim Benzema, Sidney Govou and Hatem Ben Arfa when she was only 17 years of age.

    However, when asked by a judge whether they knew she was only 17 when they had sex with her, she said, “I loved them all - they spoiled me. I wasn’t truthful about my age. They should be left alone.”

    While you can sell sex in France, you must be at least 18 years of age…..

  2. yankees69 Full Member

  3. yankees69 Full Member

  4. Paul of Arabia Full Member

    I seem to recall a French junior minister mentioning in his biography his hiring of underage boys in Thailand. It was in a the book a couple of years before anyone raised a stink.
  5. CApenbrink

    CApenbrink Closed by User

    She must be really good at the sex because I could walk down any street any night in Paris and find way better looking, way more realistic chicks.

    I am glad to see, though, the horrible plastic surgery at ridiculously young ages is not just an American problem
  6. rolltide

    rolltide SFN Gold Supporter


    Another ugly attention whore.
  7. pabloescobar Full Member

    Dang it guys! That's the first pics I see this morning....not a good way to start my day!
  8. IVARR

    IVARR Got The Gay

    going for the skanky paris hilton look :bigup:
  9. kiiski Full Member

    Her ass is a noyne.
  10. jackie the jerk

    jackie the jerk SFN Supporter

    She was 17, 15 years ago maybe.
  11. airecrew Full Member

    I'd rent that for an hour or two.
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  12. Doom Train Full Member

    Hard drinkin & harder fucking will age a bitch quick.
  13. Syxxpac78 Full Member

    Looks a little rough round the edges, but I'd pay up
  14. tmullynn Full Member

    That bitch is effen hot in the first picture.

    I can't see that look not getting a stare from any of the professional judges in here.
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  15. IWannaBangBiel Full Member

    She sounds pretty fucking stupid. Maybe SHE didn't know she was 17.

    That and she looks 40.
  16. motley73 Full Member

    We'd all definitely stare at her if she walked by us in a bikini on the beach. And probably fuck the shit out of her too if we could. But she still seems fucked up and her face looks a little off at times. Would be an awesome one night stand though.
  17. pi nate

    pi nate SFN Supporter

    she'd be worth few euro......
  18. yankees69 Full Member

    Bet she knows her way around a weeny. :D
  19. Jonny Christ Full Member

    While I would tongue her hoop after a dump...she'll be used goods in about 3 years.

    Nothing better than an 18 yr old with 3 addictions.
  20. two1four Full Member

    bless her heart.

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This is not a generic banner. These are the actual Vivid girls who are live now.